Football Manager 2016 Best Coaches

This is a shortlist made by us which contains the best coaches in FM 2016 for each training area.
All coaches have over 3.5 stars. Most have 4 and 4.5 stars, and some have even 5 stars!

70 Goalkeeping Coaches

54 Defending Coaches

34 Attacking Coaches

57 Tactics Coaches

61 Shooting Coaches

52 Ball Control Coaches

103 Fitness Coaches

Download FM 2016 Shortlist

How to install

  1. Download file and unzip .fmf files to the following folder Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager  2016/shortlists
  2. Start Football Manager 2016 and Load your savegame.
  3. Go to Staff -> Staff Shortlist
  4. Check the lower left corner and click on Shortlists -> Load Shortlist -> browse the shortlists directory
  5. See the pictures below.

Coaches shortlist for fm 2016 fm 2016 tutorial

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