FM2016 for Mobile – New Features, Screenshots and Release Date

Today, Sports Interactive has announced the new features of Football Manager 2016 for Mobile (former Football Manager Handheld)

Features and Release Date

FM2016 for Mobile is a simpler and faster version of the game, it comes with 14 playable nations and the game focuses on tactics and transfers.

3D Match Engine it is not available in this version. This version uses only the 2D Match Engine.

According to the Sports Interactive the game is compatible with almost all smartphones and It will be released before Christmas.


FM2016 Mobile ScreenshotFM2016 Mobile ImageFM2016 mobile home menu2D Match engineFM2016 Mobile Player LoanFM2016 Mobile Player rolesFM2016 Mobile UnlockablesFM2016 Mobile Team Instructions screenFM2016 Mobile Training MenuFM2016 Mobile Transfer Offer MenuFM2016 Mobile Transfers

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