3D Match Balls for FM 2016

Megapack of soccer balls for 3d match viewer in Football Manager 2016.

This pack includes 21 different balls from various competitions such as Champions League, Europe League, UEFA Supercup, Euro 2016…and the balls of the major European leagues like Premier League, Budesliga, La Liga, Serie A…

Some of the balls included within this pack

Pack of Soccer Balls for FM 16

Download FM 2016 Balls

How to install balls in FM 16?

1.Extract the content of this file using Winrar (google it).
2.Choose the ball you wish to use by opening the respective folder.
3.Copy the three files inside that folder.
4.Find this directory in your computer:
\Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2016\data\sigfx\mesh\ball
And backup the white, orange and green ball textures.
5.Paste the files that you’ve copied from the step 3.
6.Start FM 16, then go to Preferences -> Interface and click on Clear Cache and tick Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences.
7.Click on confirm button.

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