Elegance 2016 skin for FM16

Elegance it is a skin for FM 2016 made by ozo from teamz.fr. Elegance is a smooth neutral skin with a variety of backgrounds that you can choose (like Anfield, Bernabeu, Mestalla)…

If you want to add a custom background to this skin just extract your background image to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\skins\E16\graphics\backgrounds and rename your new background image as default.png , then go to FM16 -> Preferences -> Interface -> Click on Clear Cache and click on Reload Skin.


image image image image

Download Elegance 2016 skin

How to install into FM16:

First step: Go to the following directory: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 201 */

Second step: Now, create a new folder named “skins“.

Third step: Open the .zip or .rar file (with WinRar), and extract the content to the following directory: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 201*/skins

Fourth step: Start Football Manager and go to Preferences -> Interface and untick Use Caching to decrease page loading times, and tick Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences.

Fifth step: Press Confirm button.

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