7 Challenging Teams to Manage in FM 2017

“Which team to manage?” or “What leagues I should load?” are some questions that many people ask when searching for a new challenge in Football Manager 2017.

Due to the huge and realistic database of FM17, there is a wide variety of challenging teams to start a new career that you can choose.

Everyone knows that the best teams to play (especially for those who are new to FM 2017) are the most powerful clubs such Barcelona, Bayern Munchen or Real Madrid.

The reasons are simple…They have the best players, best coaches, best facilities, larger budgets and so on…

However, there are people who like to choose hardest challenges, such as managing the worst team in particular country or division.

We will show you some of the most challenging teams that you can manage in Football Manager 2017.

Athletic Bilbao

Win the La Liga with this team is certainly a great challenge.

Athletic Bilbao is one of the few clubs (along with Barça and Real Madrid) that always played in La Liga and they have never been relegated. This team has a rule that only allows the club to hire Basque players, and even with that restriction they continue to maintain a very high level in one of the toughest leagues in the world mainly due to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico.

Sporting Clube de Braga

Sporting Clube de Braga is another challenging team to manage in Football Manager 2017.

Considered the fourth best Portuguese club in the last years…but never managed to win the “Primeira Liga” due to strong opposition from SL Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting CP.

In 2010, managed by Domingos Paciencia, they fought until the end of the Portuguese league for the national title but they end up losing the league to Benfica.

Matches against his eternal rival (Vitória de Guimarães) are always great battles with unpredictable results.

Torino Football Club

Torino FC but also know for Il Granata or Il Toro, it is a historical club in Italian Football.

In the distant 40s, they were the best team in Italy and ended up winning 5 league (7 in total) titles and 1 national cup (5 in total).

Ten of the eleven players in the starting eleven of the Italian national squad were from Torino.

This magical team had a tragic end in May 4, 1949, soon after conquering the fourth consecutive national league title (1946, 1947, 1948, 1949) they decided to make a friendly with Benfica, in Lisbon, and in the homecoming trip, his plane crashed against the Basilica of Superga. All players and staff team died in the accident.

In 1992 they made it to the final of UEFA Cup, after eliminating Real Madrid in the semi-finals. Unfortunately for them, they end up losing the final against Ajax (1-1 in Turim and 0-0 in Amsterdam).

This club in the last 20 years, came to fall (a few times) into the Serie B, but could always return to the Serie A, although almost always fight to avoid relegation.

However, in the last 2 years, this team has surprised to appear in the middle of the Serie A table.

AS Saint-Etienne

Although many do not know, AS Saint-Etienne is a historic club in France.

This club is the holder of the greatest number of league titles in France (10). Also won 6 times the national cup. They also managed to go to the Champions League final in 1976…but they end up losing (1-0) against Bayern Munchen (the best team in the world at that time).

All these great achievements were made in the decade of 60 and 70, and in the last thirty years the success is almost nil. However, in the last fourth years, they have achieved good qualifications in the league (4th/5th).

The problem now is the strong competition of PSG. Besides them, there are other quality opponents as: Monaco, Lille, Marseille, not to mention their neighbors and rivals Olympique Lyonnais.

Nottingham Forest Football Club

This challenge is for those who like to train in lower league teams.

Nottingham Forest is one of the most mythic clubs in England, mainly because they have won twice in a row the most important club competition: The European Cup aka UEFA Champions League.

Moreover, they also won another European title. The Super Cup in 1979, just after winning the first European Cup.

Despite their European history be well above the average, the lack of titles in England is quite notorious. They won the first division only once (1978), the FA Cup twice, the Football League four times, the FA Charity Shield once, and the Full Members Cup twice.

Leicester City Football Club

After the unexpectedly winning the Premier League title, now is time to face the giants of other European leagues in the Champions League.

Can you renew the league title in England? How far can you go in the Champions League?

CD Guadalajara

Another curious team to start a new career. After proposing several European teams, now it is time to suggest a team from another continent.

CD Guadalajara also known as Chivas, it is a Mexican team that has a transfer policy similar to Athletic Bilbao. They do not have permission to sign non Mexican players, which means you have to build a team with only Mexican players.


These are our personal choices, we hope we have helped you in choosing your next team to manage in Football Manager 2017. Whatever team you choose, we wish you good luck and do not forget to visit us at FM-Space.com!

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