250 Best Football Manager 2017 Free Agents Without Contract

This list features the best free players available in Football Manager 2017.
Free agents are players without contract and they are available for joining clubs in free transfers.
We made this list in order to facilitate the search for players without club. However, we listed only the most talented FM17 free players. They’re more than 250 free agents that you can hire at zero cost (of course it is not totally free). When you negotiate a contract with a free agent you still need to spend some money on your budget by offering a contract to the player. And offering a contract means paying for player salary, bonus & awards and last but perhaps the most important: agent’s commission…

Besides including players out of contract, we also decided to add players with contracts expiring in a few months. That you can hire in the coming months, or even as a second season signings.

Where is the complete list?

Links are below and in order to organize this FM 2017 Free Agents list, we decided to split it by field positions.

FM17 Free Goalkeepers | FM17 Free Defenders | FM17 Free Midfielders | FM17 Free Strikers

Note: You can view each player stats by clicking on respective name. (This feature will be available soon)

Which ones are the best free agents?

In the list below we have an analysis of the best of the best players without contract.

Martín Cáceres View Profile – Current Ability: 140

He is the best free defender that you can find in the FM17 free agents list. If you are looking for a solid alternative to the center of your defensive line, then this is the player you have to buy.

Martin Cáceres is a player who is at the peak of his form and so will continue for at least three more seasons, after that or even a little before you can sell him and make several million with a player that you bought for free.

Dimitar BerbatovView Profile – Current Ability: 140

We all know this one. He played for a decade in the UK, and this year it looks like he’s a free agent. He is 35 years old and despite his age the technical attributes remain intact. This is the old Dimitar Berbatov that we all know! With the exception of their physical attributes that are no longer as strong as in the past, but nonetheless they remain decent for a player of this age.

The only disadvantage is just the age and most likely their physical attributes will start to sink down very quickly.

David PizarroView Profile – Current Ability: 138

This player is quite interesting, he is extraordinarily strong in his mental attributes and is also quite good at technical attributes. The disadvantage is only his physical attributes that are already in decline due to his 36 years of age. But there is no problem for that! He is able to play in two positions DM and MC, and if you put him as midfielder centre it means that you could put a team partner next to him… A good solution to cover their lack of physical attributes would be to join a young player with excellent physical attributes that could play the role of a hardworking player to complement the excellent mental and technical part of David. Then you should take advantage of that and put David to tutor the young player.

AlexView Profile – Current Ability: 138

This is the second best centre back available for free transfer. He has a current ability of 138 very close to the 140 of Martín Cáceres. Alex is the typical centre back full of strength and team worker. Their best attributes are: Strenght 19, Balance 17, Heading, Marking, Positioning, Bravery, Teamwork, are all 16.

José AnguloView Profile – Current Ability: 125 Potential Ability: 150

When we talk about free agents, we always think: “Let’s buy some veterans for my team”, and the truth is that many of the best free players are usually experienced players who have had great footballing careers and are already far from their former heyday. But there are also some talented youngsters looking for opportunities to play in any team that is interested in them.

And this is where we mention this name: José Angulo! He is the best free young player in Football Manager 2017 and he has a potential ability of 150, which means that he can reach a better level than all the other players mentioned above. José Angulo is the perfect player to develop in the present and then in the future you will reap the fruits of their development.

Another important thing is the monetary value that you can carry out if you transfer this player to another club. He will be valued at several million within three seasons.

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