Best False Nine’s in Football Manager 2017

What is a False Nine in Football Manager 2017?

A false nine in football means it is a center forward whose goal is to help all offensive players on the attacking team process.

The main purpose of this is to disorganize the opponent’s defensive line, creating spaces for other advanced players (especially for AML/AMR) to create scoring situations.

Players for this false 9 role can go down to the midfield to apply the technique mentioned above and may also build-up play from that area of the field.

This type of player is usually used by teams that do not have tall and strong players and prefer to have a more controlled football game instead of a more aerial offensive game.

Tactical advices when using the false 9 role…

As a similar position to the advanced playmaker, it is not advised to use the false number nine along with this role.

Attacking Midfielders Right and Left should be Inside Forwards.

What are the most important attributes for a false number 9 in Football Manager 2017?

Due to the need to create offensive plans (make deadly passes, moving without the ball etc…) this player must have high attributes of First Touch, Passing, Technique, Off the ball, Team Work, Vision and Composure. These are the main attributes for a perfect false nine.

However, you should also be aware of these secondary attributes: Finishing, Dribbling, Anticipation, Agility, and Balance.

Who is the best FM 2017 False nine?

Karim Benzema is without any doubt the best false nine (I would venture to say that he is the perfect example of what a false number nine should be).

There are other quality players like Luis Suarez, Paulo Dybala, Robert Lewandowski, Kevin Gameiro and Carlos Tevez.

Who are the most potential false number nine players in FM17?

Best young false nine players with more potential to become super stars in the future are: Zach Clough, Luis Henrique, Gustav Engvall and Johannes Eggestein.

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