Best FM 2017 Anchor Man

The main duties of an FM 2017 Anchor Man

The main duty of an Anchor Man in Football is to support the defensive line of his team but he should mainly cover the space between the midfield and defense with the main objective to recover balls and immediately pass the ball to the creativity players on his team.

Given the strong defensive role that it is inculcated on him, this type of player for this anchor man role will never support their offensive teammates

The anchorman is only available in the defensive midfielder position with a defend duty.

What are the most important attributes for an anchor man in Football Manager 2017?

This type of player is a player who has rarely the ball and the main goal is to stay focused on their defensive position so he can tackle opponents, so you should focus mainly on mental attributes: Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, and Positioning. The technical attributes should be: Tackling, Passing (according with FM17 this is a secondary attribute for this role, but for me it is very important, because this player will have to make accurate passes after recovering the ball, otherwise he will lose it again), Marking (secondary, it is only important if you want a player to make “man markings”) and Heading (secondary, useful to defend or attack on set-pieces).

Determination and Strength are also secondary. Usually the anchor man should have some strength due to frequent physical contacts with opponents.

As for the determination, despite being considered a secondary attribute for this role, in my opinion this attribute is important for each position or role.

Who is the best FM 2017 anchor man?

Here are some of the best players for this role: Eric Dier, Sergio Busquets, Casemiro, and Taras Stepanenko.

Who is the most promising anchorman in FM17?

And some of the most promising footballers are: Thiago Maia, Carlos Lobos, Franck Kessié, and Daniel Amartey.

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