Best FM 2017 Deep Lying Forwards

What is a FM 2017 Deep Lying Forward?

The FM 2017 Deep Lying Forward is a second striker playing with his back to the defense where the main work is to link the attackers with the midfielders. For this, instead of standing around the penalty mark or goal area, he runs in the surrounding area outside the penalty arc with the propose of making passes to the left or right flanks.

There are two types of duties for this FM 17 Deep Lying Forward and they are: Support or Attack.

If you choose the Support duty, it means he will keep his focus on team work plays.

With the Attack duty, it means he will be divided between the team work and the creation of individual plays to score goals.

So, support duty = Less goals for him, but more goals for his teammates.

Attack duty = Greater balance between goals and assists.

Tactical advises

It is highly recommended that the Deep Lying Forward is inserted in a tactic that has one Attacking Midfielder Right and Left and also has a striker partner with a different role.

Football Manager 2017 Deep Lying Forward attributes

The Deep Lying Forward should have good attributes of the following: First Touch, Passing, Technique, Composure, Decisions, Off the ball and Teamwork.

If you chose the attack duty you should add the Finishing attribute.

Dribbling, Anticipation, Vision, Balance and Strength are attributes that you must also consider.

Who is the best FM17 Deep Lying Forward?

Players who are better able to perform this function at the beginning of FM17 are: Karim Benzema, Gonzalo Higuaín and Robert Lewandowski.

Who are the most promising youngsters for this striker role?

The best FM 2017 Deep Lying Forwards in the future will be: André Silva, Ribamar and Cauley Woodrow.

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