Complet List of Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids

Welcome to the Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids list by!

If you are looking for the best FM17 young stars, then you came to the right place. We’ll reveal the most talented wonderkids by position available as first season signings in FM 2017.

Are you training a Scandinavian team and you want to build a squad full of Swedish, Norwegian or Danish wonderkids? Or you prefer to go further south on the European map and look for the Portuguese or Italian players? Do not worry, because this list has South Americans, Africans, North Americans and Oceanic players with potential to become the future stars in the game.

As we did in the last year with the FM 2016 Wonderkids, this year we decided to do the exact same thing with these youngsters. So, we include screenshots from each player profile in different years in order to analyze the current attributes (2016) and the future/potential attributes (2022).

We decided to split this list with the best young players under 23 years old in four parts: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Strikers. Links are below, but before that don’t forget to read our FAQ to help you understand the functioning of our lists.

Goalkeepers | Defenders | Midfielders | Strikers and Forwards


What is a Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid?

A Football Manager 2017 wonderkid is a player who is considered a promising young talent, which could become an authentic beast in the future. In FM17 this type of players have a higher potential ability than others players. This means they have a wide margin of progression that could lead them to be the best players in the game in a few seasons.

Can’t find some of that FM 2017 wonderkids on my save game.

Make sure you’re using the “big” database with all countries/leagues loaded in your Football Manager 2017. If you can’t find some specific player(s) from some countries, it means you don’t have that country players loaded in your Football Manager.

Football Manager positions translated

On our website the positions of all the wonderkids are in English such as: GK, DL, DR, DC etc… Because of this, and knowing that we have many visitors from other countries who are not familiar with the English positions, we decided to translate all the positions in english for each one of the languages in the game! You can see our translations here.

How to use the search tool?

This year our lists are interactive! Yes, you can sort by age, position, country and club. This facilitates and gives a more organized touch for those looking for new signings. In addition to this new feature, we also have available a small text box where you can do specific searches. Imagine you want to build a team full of English wonderkids… You go to the search function, which is located on the top right of each table and in the text box you write the following: English. And will immediately appear the English wonderkids. This is not only valid for nationalities, but also for positions, clubs or ages.

It means if you type AMC, it will appear all the AMC’s available on the list.

FM17 Players profiles with future screenshots. Are the future attributes reliable?

The screenshots of players’ attributes in the future are reliable, but they are not exact values. What does that mean? It means that those values are just an approximation of what they will achieve after six years. There are a multitude of factors that can affect the development of a player, so each player can have a different development in each career that you create in Football Manager 2017. But overall, they always end up being an approximation and it allows us to see which will be the best players within a few years.

Is there any FM17 wonderkids shortlist available for download?

No. We don’t have any FM 2017 wonderkids shortlist available for download, however we will have others useful shortlists available here at FM-Space. Stay tuned!

Additional Notes

All the young players included in this FM17 wonderkids list are updated to the last version of the game. In other words, this list is updated for the Football Manager 2017 Patch 17.2.0

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