5 Star Training with the Best Coaches in Football Manager 2017

Coaches! They are one of the most important elements in Football Manager 2017.  When you have the best backroom staff team, you warrant that players develop until the peak of their form.

This is a topic that many overlook, but the truth is that it is one of the most important in the game.

Most people only think about having the best FM 2017 players and the best FM 2017 tactics. However, Football Manager is a very detailed game. And there are things that seem simple but have a great importance and impact in building a perfect team, such as having the best training facilities, or the best physios.

That’s why we presented you with this FM17 staff shortlist, to help you build the best 5 star coaching staff, in which we recommend more than 200 five star coaches from all training categories: Goalkeeping (Shot Stopping, Handling), Defending, Attacking, Ball Control, Shooting, Tactics and Fitness Coaches (Strenght and Aerobic).

These FM 2017 coaches are the best staff available on the game. All coaches are around four and five stars.

Below is a guide in which we talk about what has changed in relation to our list of last year as well as an explanation about this thematic. If what you are looking for is just our FM17 coaches shortlist, then here it is.

Different year, different shortlist

This year we decided to do this list differently than we did last year. What that means? Well if everyone has good memory and remember last year our list included the best coaches for all training areas, but that shortlist included the best coaches in general, ie five-star coaches under contract with clubs and free coaches without any contract with any club or national team. The problem is that we end up doing a very large list and many of these coaches did not accepted to train other clubs, especially those clubs with a lower reputation.

In this version of Football Manager 2017 things are not different because unfortunately many of the best FM17 five star coaches are training in teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen and so forth. This causes a problem when we tried to hire those coaches and in fact is practically impossible for any club.

To resolve this matter and also to avoid losing time with these staff who do not want to accept contracts with other teams, we decided to include in our list, only the free coaches without contract. Fortunately, there are enough quality coaches waiting to get in touch with clubs that need them.

The main advantage of hiring this type of FM 2017 staff is also due to their contractual requirements that are much lower than if we hired renowned coaches.

In our constant search for those men who have the ability to perform most of the weekly training work, we found about 33.434 persons with the task of performing this coach role. Among this number there are 53 free coaches above the rating of four stars.

Is it possible to achieve the five stars in each one of the Training Categories in Football Manager 2017?

Yes and no. Let me explain…It is possible to achieve the full stars in many training categories, however, it isn’t possible to achieve the five stars in all training categories at the same time. We tested it on many different saves on Football Manager 2017 and unfortunately we could not get five stars in all training categories at the same time. The best we got it was 5 stars in some categories and the rest was all 4.5 stars. It’s still a brutal result!

I would say that the main objective of it is to achieve results above the four rating stars and try to keep the workload level of your coaches at an acceptable level. This last part is of utmost importance, and the ideal is to keep the workload of your FM 2017 coaches at ‘light’. In squads with many players this can be a problem, so whenever necessary try to always add additional coaches on every training category to ensure that you do not overload them with work.

It is also important to advise that you should only add 1 coach for 2 training areas at most, otherwise they will lower the number of stars in each training category they are assigned.

53 coaches? I can’t even load 10… What’s wrong?

Last year, immediately after loading the shortlist inside the game, some people reported that few coaches were appearing on our shortlist. And this year, we decided to explain it so that everyone would understand why it happened, and why this continues to happen.

Whenever we work on our shortlists, we always load all the players and staff available in the Football Manager’s database. All this to ensure that our lists are 100% accurate, and also to ensure that we include coaches from all over the world.

The problem here is that when starting a new career almost no one loads all the people that exist in the game’s database. The reasons are several, but the most obvious reason is because people want to avoid problems of slowness during their careers.

There are several players and coaches who are more “hidden” in the database and the only way to access them is by enabling some nations, regions, continents or divisions. You can do that trough the ‘Advanced Setup’ when starting and selecting the leagues that you want to add to your next career.

On the ‘Active Leagues’ screen, you have a sidebar on the right side which helps you through the stars rating that shows you the performance that your computer will have during the course of your career.

Above the stars you have the ‘Estimated Player Count’. Click above that number which is currently being shown, and after that click on ‘Advanced…’. Now, you’ll be redirected to the custom setup which is the place where you can select the players and staff from specific locations.

Choosing a large database it helps, but it isn’t enough to load all the players inside the database. So if you have a computer that performs well you should try to load as many players and coaches as possible.

In case, you have a small database and no customization in the custom configuration, then you can expect a much lower number than the 53 coaches that are part of our shortlist.

We did the test with a small database and without any detail selected in the area of the custom setup, and we still managed to get 17 coaches through the shortlist. We selected only the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and the Serie A, with a small DB. It isn’t a good number, but it’s also not bad given the little detail selected when we were creating our test career.

How to install the Football Manager 2017 Coaches Shortlist

The procedure to install any type of shortlist of players or staff is always the same.

First, download the file that comes in the .rar format.

1. If you are a beginner in these matters, you will have to install a program to unzip the shortlist that is inside the .rar file. For this, there are several programs, but most people use WinRar since it is free and the most famous. Do not forget to install the most appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or Mac).

2. Now after you have Winrar installed, just go to the .rar file and right click on it with the mouse. Choose the option ‘Extract files…’ , and after that you should send the .fmf file to the following directory: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager  2017/shortlists

3. Now comes the simpler part of the process, start FM17 and load you career. After that you need to click on ‘Staff’ which is located on the sidebar on the left side. After that, click on ‘Staff Shortlist’ at the top bar.

4. For a better understanding, we recommend that you check the images below.
image image

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