85 Best Assistant Managers in Football Manager 2017

The Assistant Manager is your right arm in the game.

First, let me say that this guide and this downloadable shortlist about the FM17 Assistant Managers also work for the Reserves Managers and for the U18/U21 Youth Managers.

The level of importance of an Assistant Manager in Football Manager 2017 depends on the tasks that you want it to do in the game.

Football Manager 2017 is a real simulator of the life of a football coach. As such, there are coaches who like to be in all that is happening in the club, and there are others who prefer to focus only on certain jobs, and this is where comes the Assistant Coach.

As mentioned earlier, FM17 is a very detailed football simulator, however, there are people who do not want to waste time responding to press conferences, tunnel interviews, make team talks, and choose the type of general training/individual…

The truth is that all these subjects can influence the success of a football team. That’s why you should choose a good assistant manager for your team.

We made a shortlist in which we include the best 85 Assistant Managers in Football Manager 2017. You can download the shortlist here and at the end of this post you can view the instructions on how to install the shortlist.

A perfect FM 2017 assistant manager must have high rates of:

Tactical Knowledge – It is the level of tactical knowledge they have and the ability to choose the right players for each tactic;

Judging Player Ability – It is the ability to evaluate the current level of a certain player;

Judging Player Potential – It is the ability to predict the potential of a player in the future;

Man Management – Assistant Coaches who know how to deal with players individually and also with the media;

Motivation – able to motivate the whole squad through their team talks;

Determination – Determination to achieve their goals. Coach who has ease in getting out of bad results or avoid series of poor results;

Level of Discipline – Assistant Manager who is able to be a leader and maintain respect within the squad.

Secondary or optional attributes:

Working with youngster – If you decide to assign the task of youth training to him. Or even if your first team has many youngsters. If you are looking for a FM 2017 Reserve Manager or an U18/U19 Youth Manager, you must add this attribute to the main attributes;

Adaptability – Some people have difficulty adapting to different countries. It may be due to language, customs, religion and more a series of cultural differences. That’s why this attribute should not be disregarded. Especially, if the assistant manager that we hire have very low rate in this attribute and come from a foreign country.

How to install the FM 2017 Assistant Managers Shortlist?

  1. It is extremely simple to install a shortlist of players or staff into FM 2017. All you have to do is extract the .fmf file into the following folder Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager  2017/shortlists
  2. Start the game and load your savegame.
  3. Now you’ll need to click on ‘Staff’ on the sidebar, and after that click on ‘Staff Shortlist’ on the top bar.
  4. Check the images below for a better understanding.

image image

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