FM17 Set Pieces Routines: How to Score from Corners

This article is dedicated to building effective ways to score goals through set pieces in Football Manager 2017.

I will reveal the tactics that I use to set pieces, specifically for the corner kicks.

As everyone knows, the set pieces has a fundamental role in football, all teams must study well this type of play. When you build a good tactical game, you necessarily have to build a good tactic for set pieces. Otherwise you will be failing one of the most important factors of the game.

I will show and explain the type of routines that I use to score goals through corner kicks. At the end of the post everyone can download my routines of attacking and defending corners.

First, let me say that I didn’t find any bug or exploit in the corners kicks at FM17… Unlike previous versions in which was possible to exploit this type of errors in the game to score goals consistently through corner kicks.

So, the first thing we have to decide is what kind of trajectory that the ball should have into the area. Ie what kind of arc we want it to be done.

Football Manager 2017 Corner Kicks Routines
First Image
Football Manager 2017 Attacking Corner Kicks Routines
Second Image

In the first image the ball makes a bend inside and in the second image the ball does curve out.

If you wish to have the first trajectory on both sides of the corner kicks (left and right corners). Then you must choose a player who hit the corners with the right foot to the corners on the left, and a player using his left foot to hit the corners on the right.

If you prefer the other curve shown in the second image, then you should do the reverse. Ie assign a left-footed player to hit the corner of the left side, and a right-footed player to hit the corner of the right side.

Now that everyone already realized how to give the proper trajectory to the ball, we will then move to the next topic.


The perfect player to hit the corners must have high rates of passing, technique, crossing, and finally the obvious attribute: corners. This last is the most important.

Player Instructions (corner taker)

There are six different ways to hit corners

Mixed – This will instruct corner takers to keep their deliveries varied and not stick to any one particular strategy.
Short – This will instruct corner takers to prioritise short corners; quickly passing the ball to a team-mate to retain possession and construct and attack in that manner rather than sending the ball into the penalty area directly.
Near Post – This will instruct corner takers to aim predominantly for the near post area.
Far Post – This will instruct corner takers to aim predominantly for the far post area.
Penalty Spot – This will instruct corner takers to aim predominantly for the edge of the area with their deliveries, seeking to find a team-mate dropping off into space to collect possession.
Six Yard Box – This will instruct corner taker to aim predominantly for the six-yard area with their deliveries; perhaps the most recognized and standard manner in which corners are taken.

Player Instructions

There are eleven different ways that you can give to your players when your team has a corner kick. Two of these instructions are defensive instructions and the remaining nine are designated to the moment of attack.

Stay Back – The player will remain back in a defensive capacity.
Stay Back If Needed – The player will stay back and defend if needed.
Go Forward – The player will go forward and attack.
Attack Near Post – The player will look to attack the ball at the near post.
Attack Far Post – The player will look to attack the ball at the far post.
Near Post Flick On – The player will attempt a near post flick.
Stand On Far Post – The player will stand at the far post.
Attack Ball From Deep – The player will look to attack the ball from the edge of the area.
Challenge The Keeper – The player will look to challenge the goalkeeper.
Lurk Outside Area – The player will lurk outside the area looking for loose balls.
Offer Short Option – The player will look to offer a shorter option, that is, will get close to the corner taker.

FM17 Attacking corner kicks routine

The most important thing when we make a corner routine is choosing the right players for the appropriate functions. In Football Manager 2017 just above the pitch of set pieces creator you can view the most important attributes for each function by clicking on player’s shirts.

Football Manager 2017 Tactics

So, in my routine, I use six players inside the area, two out of the area and the other two are behind defending.

The two players defending behind are using the following function: Stay Back If Needed

Why this option?

I like to score goals through corners, but I do not like conceding goals in counter attacks. This option is based on the instructions that the opponent has in relation to their defensive routines in corners… if the opponent likes to put several players in front prepared to counter attacking our team, then our two defenders were behind to avoid that counter attack.

If the opponent is extremely defensive and decide to put all their players inside or around the area, then these two players will go up on the ground if they see fit.

The other two who are near the area use the following options: Attack The Ball From Deep and Lurk Outside The Area.

The first as you know will enter the area when the corner is taken. Here pay special attention to anticipation attribute. In addition to the attributes, also give importance to the height of this player. It should be quite tall.

if you cannot get a tall player, then at least arrange an average sized player with a high attribute of Jumping Reach.

The other guy with the option: Lurk Outside the Area must have all the important attributes mentioned in the game, as well as (this part is important) have the following instruction enabled in the player instructions window: Shoot More Often.

Football Manager 2017 How to score from corner kicks
When playing Football Manager 2017 click on Control+Shift+Y and select the ‘Lurk Outside the Area’ player. Click on the ‘Edit’ button and set that player to ‘Shoot More Often’. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Ok’ button.

And finally, the six players in the area should have good levels of the following attributes: Jumping Reach, Strength, Heading, Off the ball, Bravery, Decisions and also height.

The player who has the best attributes in general should be assigned to the function: Challenge Keeper.

The corner taker is set to 6 yard box. I have a general idea that the closer and more central is the ball from the net the better. Therefore, taking into account this theory you could also select the option “Penalty Spot”. I do not use this option because five of my players as you can see are all within the 6 yard box.

You can download this attacking corner routine here, and in the next page you can find and download the defending corner kicks routine as well as the installation instructions to insert these routines in FM17.

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