FM17 Set Pieces Routines: How to Score from Corners

FM17 Defending corner kicks routine

I have two different routines to defend corners.

The first is a more balanced routine to ensure that we don’t concede goals during corner kicks.
The second is a routine to defend the corners but also to start a counter attack situation.

That is, you can use each one of them when it is more convenient. If you need to defend a result, or you just do not like to risk too much, then you can use the more balanced routine.

If you have a team that is familiar with counter attack situations or you are in dire need of a goal then you can use the counter attack routine.

How to install Corner Routines

1. Download both routines and after that you just need to extract all the files inside the .rar (you’ll need WinRar to do this) to the following directory: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/set pieces

2. Start FM17 and go to the Set Pieces creator and click on ‘Routine 1’, after that select the ‘Load Routine’ and search for the routines and load them.

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