Essential Football Manager 2017 Mods & Add-ons

One of the greatest qualities of Football Manager 2017 is its customization. The game comes by default with an immense lack of mods and add-ons such as logos, facepacks, kits, and many other details that are not included by default in the game.

To make life easier, we decided to make a list of the most essential FM17 Mods & Add-ons that you must download and install in order to help you maximize the reality of Football Manager 2017.

1# Real Names Fix

The lack of real names is an unfortunate reality in Football Manager 2017. For those who do not have this FM17 mod installed, we recommend that you install it! Our FM17 real names add-on is the perfect complement for those who want to have the names of competitions, clubs, and players, fully licensed. Our preciousness in the elaboration of this FM 2017 add-on ensures that even the most obscure clubs or competitions have their names corrected.

2# Logos

The lack of logos is the first graphic aspect to be noticed. Before we begin our career and when selecting the team we want to manage, we can immediately see the lack of club logos that are replaced in each club by a default logo that usually contains only the colors of the club. Fortunately these empty logos are easily replaceable by the original logos that we have here at FM-Space.

3# Player Faces

There are thousands of players who do not contain their faces. The most noticeable place is in the player’s profile page. However, you can also see their faces in various screens, such as in the message inbox page. Download the player faces add-on and have fun watching the players’ profile pages with their faces activated.

4# Kits

Another important aspect missing and perhaps the last one to be noticed. This pack of kits contains thousands of club shirts fully updated for the season 2016/17.

5# Skins

It is not an essential mod but it can be important to consult our skin area if you don’t like the original skins that come by default with Football Manager 2017. There are several skins available with different main colors and even skins with custom additions that introduce new features to the game.

These are just some packs that we consider to be truly essential! By browsing here on FM-Space you will find much more Football Manager 2017 mods and add-ons which are also important, although they are not present this list.Es

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