FM 2017 Facepacks: 26.500 Player Faces

Enhance your Football Manager 2017 experience and give a more realistic feel to the game by downloading these facepacks!

The facepacks are the pictures of all the people in the game (such as players, staff and referees) that can be viewed in some menus of the game (more precisely on the Inbox screen and in the player profile page).

Unfortunately the FM 2017 comes with lack of many player faces, and due to that problem what you see is just a dark face in almost all players.

That’s why we present these FM17 player face packs to help you complete the graphical side of Football Manager 2017.

These FM17 facepacks besides being beautiful and stylish, they are quite complete with around 26.500 player faces from the most diverse leagues around the world.

This megapack of player faces covers all teams of the English Premier League and Championship entirely! And also it has a good collection of photos from players playing in the lower divisions of England.

Also it should be noted that in adition to player faces, this facepack has the particularity to include the faces of referees and coaches.

The download links as well as the installation instructions are below:

Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

How to install

    1. First of all, it is necessary to download all parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
    2. After successfully completing the downloads you must extract the facepacks from the three .rar files. To do this you must have the WinRar program.
    3. Now the process is very simple, right click on the Part 1 and select “Extract files…”, and now enter the distination path, that is this: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/

After those three steps make sure you follow this guide in order to successfully complete the installation.

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