FM17 Andromeda Dark Skin

Andromeda is a well known skin of all those who have played the latest versions of Football Manager. It is a FM17 dark skin with many graphical changes as well as many tweaks, and this makes it a very good alternative for those who do not like the original skins that come with the game.

It is important to mention that this skin is not exclusively a unique skin, this means that many of the features available in this FM17 skin were taken from other skins so that it could complement the best of several skins in one single skin.

it is important to note that this FM17 Andromeda skin does not have any support here on FM-Space, for this purpose there is a group on Facebook where you can put all your questions.

How to install FM17 Andromeda Dark Skin

1- First of all you need an unzipping program to perform the unzipping of this file that comes compressed through the .rar format. To that end, there is winrar that have versions for Windows and Mac.

2- After you have this program installed, and after successfully downloading the FM17 Andromeda Dark Skin, you’ll need to extract the content inside the .rar to the following path: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager  2017/Skins

3- Now you just need to start FM 2017 and and after the game go to the Home screen click on ‘Preferences’ and then below the ‘more format settings’ you have a clickable option which allows you to choose the skins you have installed inside the skins folder. Click on that and choose the Andromeda.

Below are some screenshots (as well as the download link) showing some of the features of this skin.

Download FM17 Andromeda Dark Skin

image image image image image

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