Football Manager 2017 Release Date!

Football Manager 2017 Official cover
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The most addictive game in the history of pc gaming already has a release date! So prepare your calendar because you will need to mark two dates on it.

Sports Interactive the eternal creators of the best football management game which depicts and simulates the life of a real football manager already has a release date for the new 2017 version!

Football Manager developers finally announced the game earlier than expected, and the new Football Manager 2017 will be released in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, Europe, and all others countries or continents on 4th November 2016! The date is exactly the same for any country where you can buy the game.

If you are a fanatic like us and you want to have access to the brand spanking new FM 2017 immediately after its launch, then buy the game and do not forget to check if the site where you are shopping has access to the BETA version. This BETA version will be released two weeks before the official version. That is, most likely somewhere between 20 and 23 October. We bet on the 20th, but it’s only because we like to bet.

For those who will start playing the beta, you guys do not need to worry because your career started in the beta is fully compatible with the official release on November 4, ie you guys can continue your career game in the full and official version of Football Manager 2017.

Good news for those who have followed and bought Football Manager in recent years! Sports Interactive and the Valve (the guys behind steam) reached an agreement to give a discount of up to 20 percent in the new FM17. How to obtain this discount? Simple, for each Football Manager copy that you have in your steam library, you will have a discount of 5 percent. This discount is valid from FM13 until FM16.

Keep in mind, that this promotion has a duration that will end on the following date 11.59 GMT on Friday 14th October.

Football Manager 2017 Touch version available on 4th November 2016

More good news… If you are a fan of the simple and fast version of Football Manager Touch, then we have good news for you…If you get the full version of Football Manager 2017 then you’ll also get Football Manager 2017 Touch on the same pack! Totally free, no matter if you purchase the full version with or without access to the BETA.

On the other hand, if you are a classic boy from the time of Championship Manager and you’d rather just play the touch version due to its simplicity that recalls the ancestor and the roots of this game, so do not worry, because the FM17 Touch version can be purchased separately.

This Touch version also brings a small DLC with the following options: “Board override”, “No firing”, “All job applications” and “National management”, as well as three new challenges, which are playable through the challenge game mode.

Regarding the mobile version know as Football Manager 2017 mobile so far there is still no news of their release date, but it is appropriate to mention that last year this same version was released just before Christmas.

And that’s all, now we are waiting anxiously for news about the new features of the game that probably will come out in the coming days, so stay tuned we will reveal everything here in FM-Space.

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