5 Football Manager 2017 Tips on How to Develop Young Players

Observing the development of our young players, especially when they are described as wonderkids and they have great potential to be exploited, it is one of the greatest pleasures when playing Football Manager 2017. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player in Football Manager series… We all love to see the attributes of our little boys grow from day to day.

And this is what we talk about today! What are the best tips to develop young players of our team.

First of all, not all players have the potential to be future stars. The best way to see if a player has the potential to be a good player in the future is through scouting. Read the reports made by them and see if those players have the necessary potential. Needless to say, you should have a good network of scouts working for you. So that their reports are reliable.

On the other hand, you can consult our online list where we reveal all the players described as FM17 wonderkids with more potential to become future stars in this Football Manager 2017 edition.

Secondly, players have the ability to develop their attributes (technical, mental and physical) until a certain age. Usually, and according to the hints and tips given through the game, the maximum age for development of a player is up to 24 years old. After that age, they are just more likely to continue their development of mental attributes.

Therefore, make sure the players you want to develop are below this age. In fact, the younger, the better. Because it gives you more time to develop them.


Although many do not know the personalities of the players have a great impact on the game.
And when we talk about youth development, we have to talk about this subject of personalities.
There are good personalities, reasonable and bad.

A bad personality affects and hinders the development of a young player. Even, if he has the potential to be a star.

On the other hand, a good personality with high levels of professionalism, ambition and determination does the opposite. That is, a player with a good personality can develop faster and up to his maximum potential.

So, the focus should fall mainly on the following personalities: Model Citizen, Resolute, Perfectionist, Spirited, Model Professional, Professional, and Fairly Professional. These are the best personalities for a player.

Game time

Another major factor is the game time. More the minutes the player has, the better.

You must try to include your best youngsters in your first team and you must give them minutes. If they do not have the necessary talent to play in the first team, then put them to play in games with little importance such as national cups/leagues. Or even, try to include them in league matches that are already practically won. Give them a minimum of 20 minutes per match. The ideal is obviously to play the whole match and preferably with their physical condition at 100%.

The level of competition in which he plays can also affect their development. A maximum exponent for example is the Champions League.

Avoid loaning out your players

This is a personal experience. There are a number of external factors that may affect the players when they are in another club that you can’t control. Position that your youngster will play, the number of minutes the player will play in every match, the morale of his team-mates, the level of coaches, the type of training, facilities, and you can’t tutor them…

And the truth is that in the most cases, when they return to their home club, they end up coming with the same attributes or slightly developed. It turns out to be a waste of time.


Another surefire method! Tutoring has a great impact on the increase of attributes in your youngsters.

The best way to tutoring a young player is by using an older player on your team who has a good personality (if possible the same as the youngster), good determination (this attribute has to be higher than the younger player, and never less), as well as good mental attributes in general.

To begin tutoring in FM17 you just need to go to the profile of some profile (tutor or tutee) and click on ‘Development’ -> ‘Tutoring’ after that the game will give a list of suggestions with the most appropriate tutors or tutees. Simply click on the desired player and start a chat conversation.


It is vital to have the best coaches for each training area, so that your team prepare well for each chapter of a football match.

In FM17, as with previous versions, there is a kind of ranking of 1 to 5 stars that evaluates each coach.

Some clubs have trouble finding good coaches due to its low reputation. The goal here is to get coaches with a minimum of 3 stars, and you must ensure that they have a reasonable workload.


This is also another important factor to take into account, but it is the least important factor of all the others mentioned above.

The key points are these: find a young player with potential, with a good personality, assign to him a good tutor, and give him the necessary game time. If you combine these four points, your youngster will develop quite well.

However, to further enhance this and to ensure the fullness of development is necessary to have the best possible facilities. Whenever possible ask the board to increase the level of training and youth facilities.

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