Best Affiliated Clubs to Get a Work Permit in Football Manager 2017

Welcome to our guide about Football Manager 2017 Work Permits! We’ll explain which players can get a work permit and we will reveal what are the best affiliated clubs and countries for work permits.

This is one of the problems when you take charge of an English club and try to hire players who do not belong to the EU (European Union).

All these players who come from other continents to play in United Kingdom need to pass the rule of work permit so that they can play in the Premier League.

However, world class players have access to this work permit quite easily, as they are a certain add to the quality of football in England.

What kind of players are these?

1. Players who already have proven their quality and are constantly called to his national team (main squad) in the last two years and play in almost every game.

2. That country should be in high positions in the official table of FIFA World Rankings.

These are the requirements for a foreigner to obtain a FM17 Work Permit.

All other players who can not get a work permit, need to work around this obstacle through obtaining a second nationality (in a European country). That’s the solution for your rejected work permits.

How to do this? Simple, you should get an affiliate club in a country that is easy (less days to gain nationality) to obtain a second nationality, and after that you must send these players through loan to the affiliated clubs.

Best FM 2017 work permits countries

There are some countries in Europe where it is possible to obtain a second citizenship in a few years. They are:

3º Serbia – If you’re thinking about making a career beyond the year 2022, you should point this country in your list of best FM 2017 countries to loan players to get the work permit. From the day of July 1, 2022 is possible to obtain a second citizenship in just three years for any player from any country.

2º Belarus – It is undoubtedly a country where you should look for FM 2017 feeder clubs. In just three years any player from any country can get the Belarusian nationality.

1º Spain – This is without doubt in the first place on our list. Any player who comes from the South American continent (and also from Philippines and Equatorial Guinea) can get a second citizenship in just two years! For all other countries (in Africa, Asia etc…) it takes ten years to obtain the Spanish nationality.

Best FM 2017 Feeder clubs for work permits

When choosing a feeder club to get the work permit, you should focus on some points. Main point is the level of the training facilities and youth facilities. Second point is to make sure you choose a good club so that your player can be a consistent choice in the first team. Obviously we would not include clubs such as Barcelona or Real Madrid since it would be impossible for any player to have a place in the first team. Due to this, these aspects were taken into account during the realization of this list.

All clubs on this list belong to the countries of the previous list.

4º Dinamo Minsk and BATE– Both Belarusian clubs with impressive training facilities and great youth facilities. Maybe the best options if you’re looking for clubs with players below average where your foreign players can have many minutes in every match to be able to develop their attributes.

3º Partizan – Best club in Serbia when we talk about training & youth facilities. They are slightly above the level of the two Bulgarian clubs mentioned above. They are also a stronger and more competitive club, so we decided to place them in the third position of our list.

2º Sevilla – Almost as good as the partizan in terms of facilities, however Sevilla has a more competitive squad and it is playing in one of the best leagues in the world, so we thought that second place would be a fair rating for them.

1º Real Sociedad – Without doubt the best club to loan players in Football Manager 2017! They have the best training and youth facilities in spain, just behind Real Madrid and Barcelona. About their squad is far less competitive than Sevilla’s squad.

3 thoughts on “Best Affiliated Clubs to Get a Work Permit in Football Manager 2017

  • December 10, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Whoever wrote this article must be sick in the brain!
    First of all Serbia is not a member of the EU, so fuck that.
    Second Bate and Minsk are far from being Bulgarian clubs, they are from Belarus…Who the fuck do u want to fool with this shit article?

    • FM-Space
      December 10, 2016 at 11:30 pm

      Hi Suchard,

      We don’t know why you’re so rude in your comment, we aren’t offended by your comment, however, we don’t understand the reason why you did that. So in order to help you, and before we provide our clarification on this article, let us help you about your lack of manners. We strongly advise you to read that article, especially if you comment again here on the site.

      Well about the article… This only seems to me that you have some difficulty interpreting texts, and we don’t condemn you for it (that’s normal). What we can do for you is to try to explain this matter in an even simpler way.

      So let’s get started!

      1º- About Serbia we mentioned that: “From the day of July 1, 2022 is possible to obtain a second citizenship in just three years”. This means that Serbia will join EU on that exact day. Still got doubts?

      2º- We refer to three countries where it would be easier to obtain a second nationality: they are Serbia, Belarus and Spain. After that, we decided to choose some clubs belonging to those countries. And that’s what we did! The clubs that we mentioned in the article belong only to these three countries. When we were describing these two clubs we just made a mistake with the word “Belarusian” and we ended up writing “Bulgarian”. Obviously we know that the Dinamo Minsk and BATE are both from Belarus, otherwise we would not have mentioned their country before, right?
      If you have a reasonable logical sense, you would quickly realize that after reading the three best countries to gain a second nationality, we would mention the best clubs in these countries to serve as feeder clubs. We even mentioned it in the article: “All clubs on this list belong to the countries of the previous list.”

      If you have any more doubts, do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to help you!


  • March 8, 2017 at 2:07 am

    In FM17, the new nationality rules took effect, essentially taking away the Spanish low division feeder club live editor exploit. It now requires 10 years of continued residency and with very strict rules regarding non EU players on top of that (2 per 25 man roster in both La Liga and La Liga 2 – thus the reason to use low division clubs), makes this nation less desirable.


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