Best Team Training in Pre-Season

In this guide I will talk about training in Football Manager. I will give you some tips about the best training for Pre-Season in Football Manager.

In the pre-season we should focus primarily on physical training (fitness).
In the first three weeks I personally like to apply Fitness training only.

If you have friendly matches between these three weeks you should put on Match Preparation the following trainings: Team Work/Def.Positioning/Att.Movement. These three types of training are the most advised in my opinion. And why? Very simply.. In pre-season (usually) you’re building a new squad with new players that you bought from other teams, so you should focus on these training types to make sure your team start having a better understanding between them.
You should not forget to add Match Tactics in Match Preparation if you made changes on your tactics.

Combine General Training with the Match Preparation

Make sure you combine your Match Preparation with your General Training. This is, if your team on week 6 are training Attacking on General Training and you have one friendly match on that week, you should put Att.Movement on Match Preparation. Check above some examples:

Training in Football Manager

Best Team Training FM

How to combine

General TrainingMatch Preparation
AttackingAtt. Movement, Att. Set Pieces, Teamwork, Match Tactics
DefendingDef. Positioning, Def. Set Pieces, Teamwork, Match Tactics
Team CohesionTeamwork, Match Tactics, Att. Movement, Def. Positioning
Ball ControlAtt.Movement, Teamwork
TacticalMatch Tactics, Teamwork
FitnessAtt.Movement, Def.Positioning, Match Tactics, Teamwork

Note: Match Preparation order – From most advised to least

General Training Scheme

(1 July – 31 August)

WeekTraining FocusIntensity
4In this week I usually change the focus to Team CohesionHigh
5If you changed your tactic from the previous year, you should change the focus to Tactical. Otherwise change to DefendingHigh
7Ball ControlHigh



My team training it is based on High Intensity over all Pre-Season except the first week that I put on Average Intensity.

You should start with the fitness training for the first three weeks. After that you should give one week to each training type. One week to Team Cohesion, Defending, Attacking, Ball Control and Tactical (only if you made changes on your tactics).

On the last weeks of the Pre-Season I personally like to change the focus to Balanced so that players practise a little bit of everything that they trained in previous weeks.

This is my Team Training method for pre-season in Football Manager.

Don’t forget that there are many ways that can influence the training of your players. The quality of your staff team in FM, it is one of them.

3 thoughts on “Best Team Training in Pre-Season

  • April 16, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    This has to be the most inaccurate/random guide ever written for FM.
    It’s just plain wrong. Can’t even imagine where you came across these “tips” of yours.

    Attacking/Defensive movement for starters are ALL ABOUT THE ONE SINGLE NEXT MATCH.
    They don’t provide your team anything but that. Not a trace of impact beyond -possibly- a slight performance boost in the next match.

    That’s not what you wanna be doing during friendlies and most certainly it doesn’t make your team have any better understanding between them!

    This is nothing new, it’s been like this for years…

    • FM-Space
      April 16, 2016 at 10:05 pm

      This pre-season training was successful tested on several different careers on FM15 and it was also tested (something you didn’t) in 4 different careers on FM16 in different clubs (big clubs and lower league clubs) with different tactics and different backroom staff teams (good coaches with 4.5/5 star rating and average coaches).
      This guide was also made by someone playing football management games for around 20 years.
      The best way to prove that I am right is not by explaining, but testing this training.
      50% of your review was to depreciate the work done in this guide instead of presenting evidence or any arguments. Except this affirmation:
      “Attacking/Defensive movement for starters are ALL ABOUT THE ONE SINGLE NEXT MATCH.
      They don’t provide your team anything but that. Not a trace of impact beyond -possibly- a slight performance boost in the next match.” This is wrong.
      All training conducted during the week of the match has impact on that next match.
      Match Preparation it is the extension of the training work made during the week. Match Preparation is a normal training day with the difference that will be to prepare the next day’s game. And as such also has an impact on the attributes of players or/and in the collective understanding of your team.
      If you do not know how to combine both (general training and match preparation) you will hardly succeed. If your general training for a week is focused on Attacking and your match preparation is set to Def.Positioning will not be any boost in the next match.
      Training during the pre-season is totally different from training performed during the competitive season. In pre-season the main goal is the understanding between the collective and the physical condition of the players. During the rest of the season, training will vary depending on the type of opposition that you will face every week.
      If you say this is a random guide, then I should play in the lottery.

      Your comment might be a negative and useful review, but instead of that, it was only an offensive and wrong review.

      Anyway, if you want you can show your training method and give correct tips.

  • October 27, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    Fitness training impacts players physical attributes not their actual preseason fitness, this is a misconception. Very high intensity – you are guaranteed to have 3-4 injuries before 1st of September. You need friendlies to have match ready fitness.


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