Football Manager 2017 Attribute Masking

If you cannot see the attributes of the players because they are hidden with a hyphen, or are within a range such as: 11-14, 8-12 etc… Then, this article will clarify your doubt in how to activate the correct visualization of attributes in Football Manager 2017.


Below is represented the profile of renato sanches with this option enabled.


What is the attribute masking in Football Manager 2017?

Attribute masking is one of several options available when starting a new FM17 career.

The purpose of this option is to make the game more real by hiding the attributes of almost all players in the game. No coach in the world can have a full knowledge of all the football players on the planet. This option exists to make things more realistic.

The only ways of seeing the masked attributes is through the use of your scouts network, or through the interaction with players.

However, if you want to make viewable the attributes of all players in the game, then you must untick the “Disable Player Attribute Masking” in the advanced options when choosing the lowest active league of each nation you selected previously. See the image below for a better understanding of this option.


Yes, you have to start a new career. Unfortunately, the attribute masking option is only available when starting a new career.

Where is this option?

Start a new career by clicking on ‘Career’, and after that make sure you press the ‘Advanced Setup’ button at the bottom right of the window, now you will be redirected to the nations menu (where you choose which countries you want to use). And it is here on the selection screen of playable divisions. Just below it, you have the ‘Advanced Options’.

Click on it, if the options are not visible.

Now, if you wish to see the attributes normally without being within a scale (ex: 10-14) all you have to do is select the following option: “Disable Player Attribute Masking”.

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