Hidden Attributes in Football Manager 2017

If you came to this article, because you want to view all the attributes of all players but you just can’t view due to being hidden, then you should check this other article.
This article described below is about the twelve invisible attributes on Football Manager 2017.

What are the hidden attributes in FM 2017?

There are some hidden attributes that are not available through the player’s attributes page. These hidden attributes although not visible, have a high importance level.

These attributes mentioned in the list below work the same way as “normal” attributes in a scale of 1-20.

Dirtiness – Player who does not care to play dirty to win a game.

Ambition – Player striving to achieve the goals. Player who always seeks to develop himself, but also seeks to play in better clubs.

Important Matches – Ease of playing important games. If he likes to play in important matches or not.

Loyalty – Loyalty to the club where he works.

Pressure– How player handles the pressure.

Professionalism – Mental capacity of the player to be an example to his teammates.

Sportsmanship – Player who likes to play fair.

Versatility – ease of playing in other positions.

Consistency – If the player can maintain their level of play for several games in a row, or will have a good performance in one match, and in the next match will have a poor performance.

Injury Proneness – If your player has a propensity to be injured often.

Temperament – If the player is easily frustrated, this could lead to making unnecessary fouls and getting bookings.

Controversy – Controversial player during press conferences or through the interaction with the manager.

How can I view these hidden attributes in FM17?

There are two ways to get an idea about these hidden attributes. The first way is through the “coach report” in which you can view (in the Pros and Cons area) reports made by your coaches. The other way is through the FM17 Editor. In the editor you’ll be able to view the exact values of each hidden attribute.

Here it is an example on how the first way works:

If a player has a low rate of Important Matches then will appear something like this “Doesn’t enjoy big matches” in the Cons area.

If a player has a high rate of Versatility then will appear something like this “Is a natural in a couple of positions” in the Pros area.

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