List of Regen Dates in Football Manager 2017

Welcome to the Football Manager 2017 youth intake dates, the official calendar of FM 2017 regen creation dates. This is just another of the many guides that we have here on the site.

First, let us make an introduction to help the beginners in Football Manager series.

What are Regens or Newgens in Football Manager 2017?

Regens or Newgens are virtual players with computer faces regenerated by Football Manager 2017 through the ages.

The purpose of these players is to replace the real players.

Real players such as Franck Ribéry, Philipp Lahm or Andrea Pirlo get older throughout the game and they end up by retiring (although many assume manager positions), which is why it is necessary new players in the game, to allow it to continue playable.

These players are automatically regenerated by the Football Manager 2017 system and they’re called Regens and/or Newgens.

Regens and Newgens? What’s the difference between them?

None, both (Regens and Newgens) are exactly the same. In the past editions of Football Manager it was more common using the term Regens, however, some years ago Sports Interactive said that they changed their system and also the name of the regenerated players to Newgens.

But the truth is that the community continues to refer to this type of player as regens, and only a minority uses the term newgen.

How to find the best Regens/Newgens in FM 2017?

One of the best ways to get the best regens, is to be aware of the FM 2017 regens dates. These type of players appear in clubs in the youth intake day on specific dates designated by the developers of Football Manager 2017.

And that’s why we bring you this article, in which you can find all FM17 Regens dates of all countries in the following years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The main aim of this is to know in which dates these regens appear, so you can send your scouts to make reports on these players.

Which clubs have the best regens?

There are a panoply of clubs that usually have the best young regens, and we made a list that you can see here.

Which nations are included in this list?

We decided to include 51 countries, and we had to be insightful in our selection. We selected these 51 countries taking into account the quality of football as well as the prominence to appear good young talents.

Special notes: There are some nations with the youth intake day in 2016. They are: USA – 26th December, Egypt – 2nd October, Ghana – 2nd October, Ivory Coast – 2nd October, Nigeria – 2nd October

Football Manager 2017 Regen Dates

Argentina31st July8th August1st August30th July31th July
Australia13th September13th September13th September12th September13th September
Austria14th February10th February14th February-11th February
Belgium9th March13th March6th March9th March9th March
Brazil11th September11th September18th September14th September7th September
Cameroon3rd October-3rd October2nd October3rd October
Canada15th February15th February-15th February15th February
Chile19th September26th September23rd September14th September23rd September
Colombia6th January13th January10th January2nd January10th January
Croatia22nd February--29th February25th February
Czech Republic7th March16th March12th March4th March6th March
Denmark16th March12th March5th March5th March5th March
Egypt3rd October3rd October3rd October-3rd October
England7th March28th February1st March28th February6th March
Finland6th August6th August8th August2nd August11th August
France1st March1st March3rd March26th February6th March
Germany3rd March26th February6th March29th February5th March
Ghana--3rd October--
Greece26th February-1st March-26th February
Holland14th March19th March25th March17th March24th March
Hungary6th March1st March5th March26th February4th March
Ireland8th September19th September17th September14th September7th September
Israel---24th February-
Italy8th March14th March6th March15th March5th March
Ivory Coast3rd October3rd October-2nd October3rd October
Japan27th August27th August-26th August27th August
Luxembourg--27th February27th February-
Mexico19th February24th February22nd February15th February-
N.Ireland7th March13th March6th March11th March1st March
New Zealand23rd February-23rd February-23rd February
Norway4th February28th January3rd February23rd January23rd January
Paraguay24th September24th September24th September23rd September24th September
Poland1st March7th March24th February24th February7th March
Portugal17th March6th March6th March16th March15th March
Romania24th February7th March5th March2nd March23rd February
Russia21st February19th February17th February9th February16th February
Scotland8th March28th February-3rd March3rd March
Serbia23rd February18th February25th February16th February22nd February
Slovakia4th March11th March8th March6th March6th March
Slovenia13th March-9th March7th March19th March
South Africa24th March21st March30th March22nd March21st March
South Korea5th September1st September4th September6th September2nd September
Spain19th March18th March17th March27th March28th March
Sweden22nd August2nd September2nd September23rd August30th August
Switzerland25th February8th March8th March27th February5th March
Turkey8th March8th March27th February4th March28th February
USA27th December27th December27th December26th December27th December
Ukraine15th March6th March12th March6th March14th March
Uruguay20th July21st July18th July18th July22nd July
Venezuela24th September24th September24th September-24th September
List of regen dates by country in FM17 for the first five years: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

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