Download CM 01/02 Original Full Game

Where to download Championship Manager Season 2001/2002?

Eidos a few years ago decided to make available the original full game through free download for all those who want to play and remember the mythical Championship Manager Season 2001/02.

This download is completely free and legal and includes the original database that comes with the full version of the game.

You can download the game here.

After downloading the game, it will be possible to play the game without cd. However, it will be necessary to mount the image through a program designed for that purpose.

How to install Championship Manager Season 2001/2002?

After downloading the file successfully, you must have access to the following file:

Now, we will proceed installing the game.

  1. First, you need to unzip that file. For this, you’ll need the WinRar program.
  2. After unzipping you’ll get the cm0102.iso , and now you need to mount the image using the Daemon Tools program. Install it and after that you’ll find “two hands” with a red background on the bottom right corner of your desktop. Right click on that and choose the option Virtual CD/DVD-ROM -> Device 0 (in case you don’t have any device available you’ll need to create new devices using the option “Set number of devices…”) -> mount image -> search the directory where you have the file (cm0102.iso) and click on open to mount image.
  3. Follow the installation steps of Championship Manager 01/02.

Where to buy CM01/02?

If you are a fan of classic games and want to buy the physical version of Championship Manager Season 2001/2002, then we recommend that you go through a legit site intended for that purpose such as Amazon.

Championship Manager Season 2001/2002 Review

Championship Manager 2001/2002 is currently considered a retro pc game due to have been released many years ago. It is one of the most legendary sports simulation games of all time. It was through this game that many of the current players of the Football Manager series (the CM successor) began to gain a special taste for football management games.

CM 01/02 was developed by Sports Interactive and its publisher was Eidos.

The game was released in the distant October 2001 for PC and in November 2001 for Mac OS. In April 2002 it was released for Xbox consoles.

Because sometimes older is better…

Championship Manager Season 2001/2002 it was a well developed game for that time and the main reason that led this game had so many fans was mainly due to its easy playability.


  • It is an easy game to play and understand due to its simplicity.
  • Very fluid. Even if you load all leagues in the CM0102 database, the game continues to run smoothly for several and many seasons.
  • No bugs. Perhaps for its simplicity and not to include so many features as the news FM’s, it was a game that had no big bugs in the game system. Even today there are more technical errors than in this time.


  • Not possible to see the players playing matches in the field because there is no 2D or 3D match engine. All you see during matches is a written comment reporting the moments of the game. During matches it is also possible to change the speed of these comments by clicking on “Commentary Speed” in the left sidebar.
  • There may be some compatibility issues with new operating systems. But they are easily solved through a google search.

All this is the opposite of the latest versions of Football Manager that are more complex and more difficult to understand for those who are new to the game…

Sports Interactive every year try to increasingly improve the Football Manager series through new features to portray the real life of a coach as real as possible. However, they end up making an increasingly complex game every passing year. What in my opinion is a good thing, but it can harm or hinder newcomers in the game.

CM 01/02 Original Screenshots

cm0102 screenshots manchester united squad cm0102 real madrid squad cm 01 02 premier league cm 0102





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