Find and activate ID’s of Stadiums, Competitions, Clubs and Players

What is an ID in Football Manager?

ID means Identity. Every element in Football Manager has an Identity. Stadiums, Clubs, Competitions (such as leagues and cups), Persons (Players/Staff), are some of the examples.

The Identities (ID’s) in Football Manager are represented in numeric style (numbers).

What is the use of ID’s in FM?

ID’s allows you to make changes to certain element in Football Manager. For example to change the logo of a club or a competition. They are usually used to edit and create configurations (config.xml) files, in order to associate a specific image with an element.

If you’re searching the way to find and activate ID’s in Football Manager, then you come to the right place.

I’m using FM 2016 as a base for this tutorial, however, the way to find and enable identities is very similar in other versions (FM 2014, FM 2015 or even FM 2017 etc)…

How to find and show ID’s of Competitions, Clubs & Players

Start your FM and click on Preferences (lower left corner)


Now click on Interface.
And finally click and tick the magic option “Show screen IDs in Title Bar to assist skinning”.
Click on Confirm button.


Now you can check if it is working by going to a club or any player profile.



How to activate and find Stadiums ID’s

To find stadiums unique ID’s you need to write the stadium name in the Title Bar.


And that’s all. Any questions regarding this subject use the comment box below, and don’t forget to read other useful Football Manager Tutorials.

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