FM 2016 Editor and In-Game Editor

In this article I’ll talk about the Football Manager 2016 Editor and In-Game editor. I will make a kind of faq to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is the Football Manager Editor?

The editor is a tool that allows you to do changes in the Football Manager database. You can create new teams, new leagues, new competitions, change the attributes of the players. Everything!

What’s the difference between the FM 2016 Editor and In-Game editor?

The concept is the same. Change things in your database.

However, the in-game editor allows you to make changes on the fly and on the other hand the Editor lets you edit things “off game”.

The editor is much more complete than the in-game editor. With the editor you can create new leagues, teams, players. And with the in-game editor you can make some changing players attributes, relegate or promote teams, change the finances of your club…

How to Download the FM 2016 Editor? Where it is?

If you bought Football Manager 2016, the editor is included for free. You just need to install it.

So, Start your steam client and go to Library -> Tools. Now search for the following name: Football Manager 2016 Editor. Right click on it and “Install Game…”. Wait a few minutes until the end of the process. When the installation has been completed, go back to the Tools and right click on Football Manager 2016 editor -> Play Game.
And that’s all…

FM 2016 Editor FM16 Editor

How to enable the FM 2016 In-Game Editor?

Start your Football Manager 2016 and in the Main Menu click on Downloads. Wait a few seconds while the connection is made with the Steam Store.

Now, click on FM In-Game Editor -> Add to cart. After that, go to the cart (lower left corner) and click on it.

Click on Checkout and follow the next steps to buy the In-Game Editor.

The price of this DLC (FM In-Game Editor) is 3.99£ / 4.49€.

In-Game Editor FM16 In-Game Editor add to cart

How to find the Football Manager 2016 In-Game Editor?

To start using the editor you need to start Football Manager 2016 and load your savegame. After that, in the top right of the screen you have a pencil on it and enjoy!

Tutorial about FM In-Game editor

One thought on “FM 2016 Editor and In-Game Editor

  • March 12, 2016 at 1:04 am

    That is very true but the draw back on using editor is that you will need to start a new game to see the changes if you have already started playing the game on default as it is.
    Another draw back is that it will take time to get through the process of filling your profile, select your country. Those kind of things.
    This game is real work of art and it is so complex but luckily for me i have played Ultimate manager 98, Championship manager 04, fm 09,10,11 and i am now playing foot ball manager 16. Luckily for me i have an idea how the game works. I might get lost in the game considering all the new features they are adding to the game


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